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To get started with us, please fill out the form below. We also offer round trip loads picking up within a 200 mile radius of Kenosha, WI, our main office, out to the 11 Western states and back. We extend quick pay for free to those carriers who dedicate their truck to our round trip program.
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Cool Runnings is now offering 4 methods of payment for your freight bill. Please choose your method. Normal - Our normal practice is to postmark and mail your settlement on the 21st day upon receipt of your invoice and bill(s) of lading ACH - You can now choose "ACH" pay. We will electronically deposit your freight settlement into your account o n the 21st day from receipt of your invoice and bill(s) of lading. Funds will be available the first business day following the 21 day processing period. We will mail you a copy of your frieght settlement. Quick Pay - You can choose "Quick pay" where we will settle your frieght bill within 24 hours upon receipt and the settlement will be mailed no later than the next business day. Quick Pay & ACH Pay - This option is a combination. Send us your freight bill by 2pm CST and we will settle it with "Quick Pay & ACH Pay". Funds will be transferred into your account making them available on the next business day and your settlement paperwork will be mailed. All options require original Bills of Lading to settle any freight bill. Factored individuals or companies will not be offered an ACH option.
E-mail Your Authority, W-9, and Certificate of Insurance to or Fax to (262) 657-8018
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